Zouq E Saeed

Top Restaurant in Lahore

Zouq-e-Saeed is now the leading and one of the top Restaurant in Lahore because of our hospitality, along quality and tasteful  food. We invite you to indulge in and enjoy the glamorous ambience and the speciality of old school Pakistani food served in modern style. At Zouq E Saeed, we further present classic Chinese food, casual Continental flavors and a cosy Bar. Our ‘too good to be true’ prices will have a definite impact making you visit us for a family feast, a formal meeting or a friendly conversation sided with a wholesome dinner, a light sandwich, or a happy-days ice cream. So, join in and Eat with Zouq.

located at Gurumangat Road, Gulberg 3 Lahore

Restaurant Outside View Front
Hall 1 - Zouq E Saeed Restaurant

Top Quality food in Lahore
Multi-taste Dining Experience


Traditional Pakistani Food

Best Desi Food

Our traditional menu offers authentic Pakistani food cooked with exquisite ingredients to give you deep and layered Desi flavors.

Tasty BBQ

Spicy and tasty BBQ

The BBQ joint offers slow-smoked meats that will inflame your taste buds, making Zouq-e-Saeed an excellent place for smoky-heads.

ZQ Chowmein

Traditional Chinese

Chinese menu presents extensive range of dishes with flavors bursting out of every dish, making you want to try everything from our Chinese cuisine.

Full of Flavours

The continental cuisine features a few carefully-scripted dishes that would be enough to fulfill your cravings as well as your appetite.


For all your cravings be it Desi, Chinese, Continental and sweet


Zouq E Saeed

We have elegant Bar sitting for all your sweet cravings.

Cocktails, Shakes, Deserts, Mojitos, Margaritas and steamy hot drinks. WE HAVE IT ALL
Bar - Zouq E Saeed Restaurant
Cafe - Zouq E Saeed Restaurant


ZOUQ E SAEED offers comfort and exclusivity at an aesthetically tempting atmosphere, An Ideal place for you and your loved ones.